The District experiences a climate which is transitional. Average temperature in the hot season is near about 30* C while at the cold season is 20* C and the average rainfall is 1500 millimeter. The cold season starts from about the middle of November and continues till the end of February. March to May is dry summer intervened by tropical cyclones and storms. June to September is rainy season while October and November are autumn.

Economic Base including Major Establishment

As started earlier panskura is a semi urban settlement, there is still strong of agriculture on the economy of this place. The town is surrounded by fairly good quality of agriculture land which products paddy, flowers, jute, muster, seed and green vegetables etc. A good number of people are engaged in this profession. There is a scope for development of Ago – based industry. The main economical base of the municipality is floriculture. The other occupation agriculture, local business and others. The Panskura market is biggest vegetable market in the Medinipur and 2nd biggest vegetable market in the West Bengal which is also one paths of income people of Panskura Municipality and others.